Pickagram Limited Edition - Panda & Reverse-panda set


Elevate your spaces with this one-of-a-kind 3D puzzle! Use the Pickagram Limited Edition Panda & Reverse-panda set to build your own small yet stunning work of art in a striking black and white design. Unleash your creative abilities and experience the joy of crafting a masterpiece, just like a modern-day Picasso.

• Gross weight: 12.7 oz (0.4kg)

• 2 Individual boxes; White cover on Black body (Panda), Back Cover on White body (Reverse Panda),

  • STEM CERTIFED CREATIVE  PUZZLE: Children can learn geometric shapes, spatial thinking, and the concept of dimensions. With magnets, it allows over 100 figures, including alphabets, animals, human body and more.
  • FOR ALL GENERATIONS: Away from smartphone and activate your brain. Adults can get mental refreshment and focus. Seniors can enhance cognition, memory, and can be used to prevent dementia.
  • DESIGNED BY ARCHITECTS: Designed by an architect who raises two children in Chicago. UNIQUE and ULTIMATE Tangram puzzle that embodies its own design philosophy.
  • ARTISTIC ITSELF: Perfectly realized in 3D and the golden ratio in selected color. Capturing attention wherever it is placed. It will decorate your desk, shelf, and any prominent spot.
  • PORTABLE HAND-SIZED FIDGET: Carry whether it's school, in the car, or anywhere. Click sound when the rotating strong magnets come together adds to the enjoyment and satisfaction it brings.

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