2024 FEB

Get More Creative with Pickagram!

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Hi Pickagrammers 🖐️🖐️

We're curious how you've been using the Pickagrams you have! Have you ever thought,

'Hmm, this isn't as easy to make as I thought it would be?' 🙋‍♀️

The truth is, Pickagrams are a high-dimensional abstraction tool that makes it possible to represent complex objects using just 7 triangles and squares. That's why kids, who think more freely than grown-ups, find it easy to create with them.

So, we've prepared something for you! We're distributing content that attaches numbers to representative shapes that can be made with Pickagrams, lowering the barrier to creating.

Try sticking numbers 1 through 7 onto Pickagram blocks with labels or sticky notes at home. As you follow along with the PDF and create shapes based on the numbers, you'll find yourself getting more comfortable with Pickagrams before you know it.

Download via the link below, but please remember to use it for personal use only and refrain from distribution. This content is our valuable intellectual property.

CODE : XS9888S729GG

In addition to new content, we're continuously striving to grow as an indie brand. Furthermore, we're planning to issue a newsletter every month containing various Pickagram news and events. For quicker updates, follow @pickagram.llc on Instagram! 🖐️🖐️

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Happy Valentine Day♥️
Free Decorative Stickers until Feb! (Ended)

We're opening a Valentine's Day event until February 29th(CST)! For each order placed, you'll receive 1 set of decorative stickers exclusively on our online store.

Selected as Top 10 at the Chicago Toy Fair!

Last November, we participated in one of the largest toy fairs in the United States, the Chicago Toy Fair.

It was a great experience to meet indie brand toy designers and customers in person.

After the fair, we were selected as Top 10 based on the surveys from the participants!

Thank you everyone 🤗

Pickagram, Heading to Japan!🎵

▶️ We've been running a funding campaign for about a month on Makuake, Japan's largest crowdfunding platform, in November. And the result? We achieved 270%! Thank you all so much for your support! 😊

▶️ We're also grateful to the curator at arimatoys Automata Museum in Kobe, Japan, who supported our Kickstarter campaign and displayed several Pickagrams in the museum. Meeting unexpected connections like this is one of the advantages of crowdfunding, don't you think? 🥹

by JH