Our Brand Timeline

Here's to How it All Started...

Over the past 3 years - from a small home-crafted gadget to a modern, educational toy, Pickagram has become a fast-growing industry for problem-solving puzzles for all ages.



How it BeganDuring the Covid-19 pandemic, Gil Song, the inventor of Pickagram, used 3D printer to fabricate toys for his children that could replace the overpriced toys on the market

Blueprint Construction: The blueprint of 3D Pickagram puzzle was constructed based on the geometry of the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers



Product development: Pickagram prototype was constructed in 3D wireframe



Launching in the Market: Pickagram made it's debut from crowd funding platforms which resulted in raising more than $170,000 by 2,000 backers from over 40 countries



Pickagram x JHU: Pickagram.llc is collaborating with Johns Hopkins University to investigate how playing with Pickagram can benefit from the following areas:

1) Children's education


3) Senior Alzheimer